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NatuEco Farming - Basic Principles

Natueco methodology is a way to enhance the 'Primary Productivity' of a given land. In other words, it is a way to increase the dry mass output per hectare per kilolitre of water consumed.

We believe this is a very subtle but an extremely important point because the Sun's energy can only be harvested optimally if the dry mass output is maximized while minimizing the water consumption.

We believe that sustainable farming is all about the 'Primary Productivity' never ever being allowed to decline.

We also believe that if land is harvested at its most optimal levels of 'Primary Productivity', it WILL give maximum yield per hectare FOR EVER at the least input cost! So even financially and business wise it makes sense to protect the 'Primary Productivity'. This has not been happening because to increase "Primary Productivity', the multinationals don't sell anything and therefore there is very little money made by the traders, politicians and businessmen!

To increase 'Primary Productivity' we just need an aware and alert farmer-called Natueco Farmer.

What do plants need to grow properly?

Plants need 104 elements, out of which 4(carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen) they get from the atmosphere. The rest of the 100 elements they take from the soil.

98% dry weight of the plant structure is composed of 4 (carbon 44%, oxygen 44%, nitrogen 2 to 4 % and hydrogen 6%) essential elements from the atmosphere.

The rest 2% is composed of the l00 elements, which come from the soil.

How do we provide for these 100 elements in the soil?

The following, together provide all the 100 elements which the plants need, from the soil:

  • Tender leaves
  • Mature green leaves
  • Flowering stage plant's leaves, branches, stem, flower and their roots
  • Dried Leaves along with the decomposable parts of the plant
  • Ash of the thick parts

So then, why do plants need water (if none of the essential elements that plants need are coming from it)?

Water is needed to act as a media for exchange of ions between the soil and the roots. In this ion exchange, the elements from the soil are taken by the roots and H is given back by the plant, through the root.

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